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Why Should Anyone Sledge?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Virat-Kohli-pulled-back-by-Ricky-Ponting Virat Kohli, hit a brilliant century on the 3rd day of the fourth and final test match at Adelaide Oval. He also became a target of frustrated Aussies, who could not tolerate a brief spell of Indian domination, even though they retained, firm control over the proceedings.

Indians once again, went down in a heap on a placid Adelaide wicket on which both Ricky Ponting and Michael Clarke celebrated a run fest. It was indeed disappointing to see Tendulkar push at one outside the off-stump to be caught by Ponting and VVS cut an innocuous delivery into keeper’s hands. Gambhir was snorted out by a Siddle’s special and it was familiar story, by lunch, with India losing half its side.

However, Virat Kohli and Wridhiman Saha put up a stiff resistance in the post-lunch session. Kohli, in particular, cut, pulled and drove with immaculate ease,  as he flayed a potent Australian attack to all parts of the ground. He was in full flow, after settling down and looked pretty organized at the wicket. Saha played a perfect foil at the other end and looked in total ease with the Aussie bowling. Saha proved a better bet than the flat-footed, awkward Dhoni, who struggled with his batting all through the series.

Both men posted a century partnership and looked menacing between lunch and tea, Saha got out at the stroke of tea, with an error in judgement.  However, in doing so, they incurred an Aussie wrath, for they dominated an Aussie attack In their backyard.

It seems that Aussies always want to dominate the world cricket and never like to be dominated. They easily get jerked off, if someone dominates them ever so briefly, even in a losing cause. They just want to stay at the top, come what may, be it thro’ genuine merit, hurling abuses, perpetrating trouble or simply spoiling the concentration of their counterparts.

They want to succeed all the time while not able to digest the success of their opposite numbers. They also carry a certain sense of notoriety to their scheme of things.

  • First, they wantonly perpetrate trouble by abusing the opposite batsmen
  • Look to get them out by spoiling their concentration
  • Call it as a Test of character/ Endurance test, (while never recognizing how inflammatory it could be to other cultures)
  • Dismiss their counterparts as cry babies, if they ever complain about it

The dreadful thing is that they take pride in doing all this, They call it, “sledging” and claim a patent over it.

If a team is at the top of their game and could bowl out an international side inside 4 days, why do they want to resort to such unfair tactics? Why do they need to abuse the other batsmen at all, just to get a wicket? If that be the case, how good they are as an international team? Why do they want to tarnish their image after doing everything correct? If they could produce a great bloke in Peter Siddle, why do they need to sledge the opposition out? Why should anyone create a trouble in the first place?

Anyone accepts merit and treat you with respect as long as you get it right. But  trouble starts, if someone goes crazy and does whimsical things just to finish on the winning side. Winning and losing, they say, is part of the game. It remains to be seen, if sledging is part of it too and one needs to perfect it to win a game of cricket. Nothing could be more shameful than such a proposition.

Cricket can no longer be called a gentleman’s game and there is no fun, if  a batsman is forced to mortgage his self pride/modesty just to play a game of cricket and succeed at the highest level.  Doesn’t it project a host nation in poor light and tarnish their country’s image?

Aussies do not win too many hearts, even after playing great cricket, for they can’t behave like proper men. let alone being great human-beings.

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