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Why Indian batsmen fail abroad..

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Gambhir-and-Sehwag Why Sehwag, Dravid, Laxman and Gambhir failed in the Boxing day test match? Don’t they have the technique to score on fastish tracks? Are they afraid of scorching pace? Were the Kangaroos unplayable in that first test match? Didn’t they really show any application that Ian Chappell kept talking about? And Yes, Why did you leave out, Sachin Tendulkar. while calling the names?

Firstly, I would like to address all Sachin bashers, who might say that Sachin fails at crucial junctures and fails to bail out the team, While that argument might hold some water, he cannot be blamed in the current tour as he has played his part and his rhythm in the second innings was broken by lack of support from other end. He eventually got out trying to consolidate. By far, Sachin alone looked totally fluent and most compact among all the Indian batsmen.

Alright, let’s get to other batsmen. Why the likes of Dravid, Laxman and Sehwag fail? Don’t they have it in them to face the genuine quicks?

If we analyse, we understand that it is not the short ball that claimed them but the fullish, swinging delivery that accounted for all these batsmen So can’t they face a swinging delivery? Didn’t they do it on the previous tour? if not, How VVS could be nicknamed as “Very Very Special”? Didn’t Dravid score a 270 in an Adelaide test? Didn’t India win in the Perth test under Anil Kumble in their last essay down under? and Perth was supposed to be the fastest track in Australia..

Rahul-Dravid-and-VVS-Laxman Well, the answer to all those questions is Yes! These guys are the very best and they don’t have to prove afresh! They’ve done it before and they can do it again. Then, why are they failing? In my honest opinion, I think these batsmen are going through a continued bad patch, in other words, they are not in the best of form. You might contest and ask me, how they won the home series against Windies? That’s a different proposition altogether. Windies team is going through a transition phase and India had familiar home conditions, in which the ball doesn’t swing alarmingly nor does it rise above shin level.

But in conditions like Australia, England and South Africa, you don’t get a lot of leeway to play the sub-continental strokes. You got to adapt to the pace & bounce quickly and play straight most of the time. A batsman must make a conscious effort to get behind the line of the ball and play the ball right under his line of sight, in other words, you can’t play away from the body. Also, the ball zips off the surface rather quickly and you got to be really decisive, in either being forward or backward and read the length quickly. So far, Sachin alone could do it and thus was fluent in both essays of the first test. The fact that he didn’t get big scores is a different thing altogether..

OK. enough preaching there.. Don’t you think our heroes don’t have it in them? They definitely have it in them and they proved it before. But they are going through a lean patch, it becomes that much more difficult to adapt to conditions if a batsman is not at the top of his game, particularly in conditions, in which a bowler gets plenty of pace and bounce. Unfortunately, Sehwag hasn’t peaked after returning from a shoulder surgery. Gambhir hasn’t been the same after landing on his head in England, trying to catch Kevin Pietersen. Laxman’s poor form continues and Rahul Dravid strangely gotten out of form.

This is the reason why people like Rohit Sharma should be brought into the playing XI. Rohit is in great form and can change India’s fortunes for good. There is a old saying in cricket. “If you are in form, Don’t mess with it” How true!

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