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A welcome ban for Dhoni

Friday, January 20, 2012

He knew it was coming and was rooting for it. Perhaps, the luckiest break of his life, from the mountainous embarrassment, threadbare post-match explanation, painful press conferences, you name it! He must have been silently praying for it or might have actually engineered it to perfection.

MS Dhoni, the beleaguered Indian captain, has been banned by ICC for a slow over rate in the last test match at Perth. He breached the final warning (perhaps in connivance with his teammates) to incur the ban. All his team mates have been docked 20% of their match fees. This is, per se, is for Newspapers, sports journals, electronic media and so on. But the actual picture could be suspiciously different.

MS-Dhoni-fishing-outside-offstumpThe Indian captain is obviously sullied of his image as the luckiest captain of India, with 7 consecutive defeats abroad (Well, how could you say that, he just got lucky reprieve in the face of a looming defeat at Adelaide!). None of his batsmen were able to put up a semblance of fight. They all caved in meekly and Dhoni, himself failed miserably as a batsman. His awkward, flat-footed jabs ending up in either Brad Haddin’s gloves or in the waiting hands of slip fielders.

They say that a captain is only as good as the team, but the team could be as good as a captain as well. Dhoni, failed to inspire, motivate or lift his team’s morale. The team is failing as a unit. MS cannot escape from his responsibility, even though he used some catchy phrases like “parachutes”, “I blame myself”, “phase away the seniors”. It might look like an uncharitable remark on “Captain Cool”, but no one can ditch the entire country and everyone including Dhoni, owe an explanation to the ever loyal Indian Fan.

7 defeats in a row can’t be a fluke, lack of form, improper technique, going thro’ a bad patch or any number of such excuses. An 8th one is impending and the team is already resigned to its fate.

Any close follower of Indian cricket could & would surely smell something fishy. Something could be horribly wrong in the dressing room, It could even be a dissent in the team against selection committee or simmering differences among BCCI bigwigs. Anything is possible in Indian Cricket. 

If the selection committee erred and gave into bias, it should have been scrapped. If the seniors are desperately clinging onto their places, they should have been given marching orders, including Sachin, Dravid and Laxman. No one is bigger than the game and no one has got the right to hijack Indian Cricket.

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